The New Way To Learn with Frinzap

Are you a student, tired of studying alone, in this virtual mode? Do you wish to upskill and prepare yourself for the competitive world? OR Are you an educator who wants to reach out to students across geographical boundaries? Do you wish to create your own course and make a difference with your experience in life?

Frinzap is just the right place for you!

A unique, new way to learn, Frinzap is the one stop shop for all your education and upskilling needs. Learn, interact and network on Frinzap through our social features available to you from the get go! Join now and make learning fun with friends.

As a learner, what’s in for you?

  1. Learn from our educators

Learn from a Variety of Expert Educators and upskill yourself in this competitive environment.

  1. Connect with your friends

Connect and share with peers and other learners around you. Network through our social features and share your expertise and notes with fellow learners and enhance your knowledge through communication and exchange of ideas.

  1. Create Content and Share

Get access to the exclusive Frinzap feed and see what others are posting. You can also create your own content and share others content.

As an educator, what’s in for you?

  1. Create, market, and sell your own online courses

Frinzap’s powerful, all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love. Whether you’re educating 10 students or 10 million, feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and best support in the business. Teach what you know and help learners explore their interests, gain new skills, and advance their careers.

2. Total control over your content, pricing, and data

You have the freedom and flexibility to run your course business however you choose. Take full control over content, course pricing, student information, and a lot more. You get paid monthly and own 100% of your data. Publish the course you want, in the way you want, and always have control of your own content.

3. Get Rewarded

Expand your professional network, build your expertise, and earn money on each paid enrollment.  Reach out to thousands of students across geographical boundaries and establish your own identity through Frinzap..

What are you waiting for? Register for free on Frinzap, today!

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