How Technology has Helped us Survive the Crisis

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus brought our lives to a halt and the changed situations affected us adversely. The rising health issues, financial issues were making most of us terrified. 
But when you decide to come up with a way out,  you start getting solutions automatically. Here is how technology helped us survive the crisis. 
OTT Platforms

Since the announcement of the complete lockdown in 2020 and cinema halls being shut for a long period of time, we have witnessed a rise in the audience subscribing to OTT platforms like Netflix, prime video, etc. OTT has impacted the way content is created, consumed, and streamed. 

It is a cost-effective way to reach out to people from all over the world. There are currently more than 40 OTT video streaming platforms in India, with close to 325 million Indians today streaming the favorite OTTs. Amid the ongoing stress and difficulties with people, OTT platforms are a great way to stay engaged and entertained. 

 Gaming Spaces 

Several online gaming spaces have also seen a rise in the audience due to the pandemic situations. 

The unsafe conditions outside have restricted us to our house and limited activities. Where online gaming is a good way to relax, indulge in some challenging activities, and interact with new people.


Online Grocery Store 

Due to the rising cases of Covid-19, most of the families with children or elders are choosing to stay indoors. 

Due to which the online grocery markets have seen a huge growth. They are delivering all the essentials right at your doorsteps so that you keep safe at home. 

Fitness and Health 

With the covid outbreak, hospitals have become really unsafe to visit for patients with different medical concerns. Visiting medical stores is also not safe while the gyms are completely shutdown to prevent the spread of the virus. 

At this time, various platforms emerged where patients can get live consultations from doctors at their home through video calls. They can order medicines online with prescriptions. Many online fitness programs were also launched by gym owners or fitness trainers. People can network, workout and get diet plans, online. 


Online video networking platforms like zoom, meet etc. are really helpful to conduct classes for students and keep their studies going on, making the industry flourish during this time. 

People are also taking interest in learning various skills as they have got ample time to learning something new. Many online platforms are providing online courses that can help you earn through a new job or side hustle. Such platforms have also witnessed a huge growth in their user base. 

So, due to the pandemic life changed but didn’t stop. All this has been possible only due to technology. 

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