7 Ways to be More Optimistic

Optimism is an attitude which defines your life ahead of you. Along with hard work, the right attitude can 

Let’s look at a few ways with which we can change our perspective and look out for the better in everything. 

See setbacks as temporary 

See the setbacks as a learning curve and resolve to come back better because of them. DOn’t get disheartened by bumps on the road. Remember to keep going, it’s okay to fall and fail sometimes. It doesn’t really matter as long as you keep trying and moving forward!

Regain a sense of control 

Focusing on what you can do to improve the situation leads to more possible solutions, less problematic barriers and more action. Don’t focus on the problem, just the solution. Chances are you’re well equipped to solve the problem and don’t need to stress over it in the first place!

Don’t over-generalise 

After a disappointment, it is easy to think that everyone and everything is conspiring against you. Compartmentalise. A setback in one aspect of your life does not make you a failure in others. 

Watch out for key phrases

Phrases such as “I will never”. “I always mess up” and “This happens every time” after a failure are not helpful. Use phrases like “I might be able to” and 1 could try this”.  Always remember that you are your biggest supporter! Talk to yourself like one!

Shift your focus 

It is tempting to focus on things you can’t change. This can lead to stress and frustration as it is out of your hands. Control the controllables. Do something that you think you do well or like to do. Don’t worry about things that aren’t in your control! 

Take a balanced approach 

Regardless of success or failure, there are always things that you did well and things you can do to improve. Build a stable base from which to learn. Keep reflecting back at your actions. Your experiences are your best teachers. Don’t be put down with the bad ones, instead learn from them and move on. 

Acknowledge your own contribution 

Don’t always put your success down to luck or other people performing worse than you. Build your optimism by reflecting on how you contributed to your successes. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday, not to someone else! You are your own competition in life. 

Life can be hard, but you can choose to live it in a wonderful way and keep your mind healthy! 

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