6 Ways to Cope with Stress During Your Exams

Exam stress, which often goes unaddressed is one of the major causes for students to not perform to their potential. Often we can’t figure out why we’re stressing out so much. Let’s look at a few reasons that cause stress.

  • Students worry they might not perform well
  • They feel they are underprepared 
  • Comparison with peers’ performance and competition 
  • Find it hard to understand what they are studying 

Many students feel a sense of needing to relieve stress, but with all of the activities and responsibilities that fill a student’s schedule, it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to try new stress relievers to help dissipate that stress. Following are a few quick and easy habits you can inculcate to help you deal with stress you are facing during your preparations: 

  1. Breathing Techniques 

Set aside a couple of minutes everyday to practice mindfulness techniques like breathing to help you calm down your mental as well as physical stress. You can find many videos on YouTube to help you practice breathing techniques to calm down. 

  1. Healthy Routine

The benefits of a regular sleeping pattern, proper diet, physical movements during the day are tremendous in the longer run for the students and they help students perform better than others. 

  1. Balanced Diet 

A diet filled with lots of fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, nuts, and protein are very good for the brain and the body energy levels to help study better and stay physically light and fit at all times. 

  1. Regular Breaks

Scheduled study breaks of short intervals are very important for the brain to rejuvenate. Listening to music, painting, playing an instrument, cooking etc. can be some of the things you can practice. 

  1. Exercise & Get outdoors 

The refreshing air of the environment rejuvenates our brain cells and prepares them to be worked up again so it’s equally important for you to give time to your outdoor fitness as it is for you to finish that extra lesson. 

  1. Unproductive Productivity

Watching a movie, going to mall visits with your parents, an evening snacks art with your friends which otherwise you would rate as unproductive for study schedule are very important to help you stay on track

If you still feel you are not able to cope up, talk to Someone. It’s always great to remember that you can seek help by talking to someone about what you’re going through. So, which techniques did you like? If there are any other techniques which you use to relieve stress, share them with us in the comments below! 

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