6 Highest Paying Future Jobs In India

After every couple of years, the job requirements shifts and improvement in technology and infrastructure makes room for the new future jobs.  More often than not people study for the jobs that are popular and in demand right now. But by the time they get their hands on the degree, they see a drastic shift in demands.

The current highest paying jobs and the most in demand jobs will be relics of the past in half a decade at the most. Just look at the changes that have happened to the job market in 2020 alone.

So, to make sure you make the right choice, we have compiled here six jobs that be in demand soon enough.

  • Digital marketing

Marketing has always been amongst the core pillars of any business. But now, the way it is done is completely differently than it used to be especially as there has been a shift of business from offline to online. This shift has increased the demand for digital marketing. In 2020, digital marketing has been one of the industries that has boomed in demand and it can be believed that it will continue to be so as more people familiarize themselves with the internet.Cyber security

With the advancement of technology, people more than ever, are now using online services, and with that a risk of cyber crime are increasing as well. Nasscom says that by the end of 2020 itself, India will have more than 10 lakh job openings for cybersecurity, making it one of the largest new job markets out there.  

  • Data science

The requirement for data scientist is increasing exponentially world-wide and not Just in India. Right now, users ready to provide their information more freely than ever before. And with this, the need for data science arises, in order to process that data. Data and attention is the new most important commodity and currency.

  • Robotic engineering

India is not so far behind in robotics, there are more than a few start-ups, who are focusing on developing robots and robotic technology. And world over, robots are set to be replacing a lot of physical labour. There is no doubt that robotic engineering will be one of the best jobs in the future.

  • Full stack developer

A full stack developer or engineer is a mix of both back end and front end developer. Which means that they are involved with both cosmetic end as well as the under the hood operations. As development becomes more of an artform rather than a technical field, it will be more important that each development cycle has a single visionary behind it.

  • Financial planning

People from all income groups need financial planners and this sector has been creating jobs for a long time and will continue to be amongst the best jobs in the future as more wealth is created and moved about in the world.


As can be gleamed, the future is digital. Physical labour and manual work like data entry jobs, will be replaced by machines. The best, most secure and the highest paying jobs will be those that work with these new software and robots to enhance the human experience.

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