How to Study Effectively

You need a system to study effectively. No matter what you are preparing for. Whether it may be for school, university or the entrance exam to get into that university. It is easy to get distracted and not study enough.

To combat that, here are six tips that will help you study better and ace your exams: 

1)Study for 30 minutes at a Time
Our brain remembers everything of first and last fifteen minutes of a study session effectively. Everything else in the middle is a subject to being forgotten forever. So, You study sessions can easily be optimized by knocking out everything in the middle and studying for periods of 30 minute.

2)Break. It. Up.
The whole is a sum of its parts and tackling singular parts of it is much easier that taking the whole task together. Breaking down big assignments into small assignments will make the task a lot more doable and manageable.

3)Focus on a Section at a Time
You know that one section of your exam prep that you have been putting off and can’t get started on? Get it done by cutting off everything else and focusing on it. Put a timer of 30 minutes and in that time, don’t do anything other just study that one section.

4)Take a Break
Take a break every once in a while. Use it as a carrot on the stick to encourage yourself to focus on your studies at the time. Having a good incentive is always a good idea. It encourages you to focus and do more and more efficiently.

5)Sit at a Desk
While it may be more comfortable to sit on your bed or sofa to study, it adds to your ability to be distracted and you can easily fall asleep. Sitting on the desk helps you focus on the task at and forces you to stay awake even through the boring sections.

6)Get Organized
Carry a planner with you all the time. Write in your homework or study material as soon as they are done with. Make a list of things to get done and cross them out whenever you get done. Just crossing tasks off the list makes you feel more accomplished and happier. 

When studying, you should be tackling your study material by breaking them down and focusing on one of the broken-down sections at a time. Study for short intense bursts of time in between breaks. Instead of studying for the whole day continuously without break and be easily distracted and waste time.  

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