5 Ways to Improve Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is the rational way of thinking and understanding a situation in order to arrive at a conclusion. This process requires a systematic series of steps based on mathematical procedures and given statements. But despite knowing exactly what it is, it is hard to imagine any way to improve it easily and naturally. It is a very useful skill in the day to day work life and it is a separate section in all entrance exams. You require a special aptitude to clear this section. All of this put together makes it seem even more important to understand how it can be improved.

Even if it may be difficult to understand how to improve your hold on logical reasoning, it can be looked into through research and experimentation. Through our experiences and research, we have arrived at these 5 proven ways to improve your hold on logical reasoning:

1. Learn the Terminology

Like any other domain, logical reasoning too has its own set of terms such as Premise, Assumption, Conclusion, Argument, Observation, Inference. Familiarize yourself with these to ace the section and use the logical reasoning in real life.

2. An Eye for Patterns

Aspirants can expect facing patterns that they don’t normally see in their daily lives. These test their logical reasoning skills and, also, how they anticipate and complete these patterns. Train yourself to find patterns. Finding patterns will also help them understand and make sense of the world and work around them.

3. Practice

There is no substitute for practice when it comes to logical reasoning. Given the dynamic nature of questions that form a part of it, it is difficult to find a set structure to solving such questions. Practice a wide set of questions and logical reasoning-based situations.

4. Time Management

Logical Reasoning is a section that can exhaust the time of the aspirant very quickly as it requires application of mind. So, speed is crucial. You should be able to finish a question in this section without wasting much time. Don’t waste too much time on one question, allot a certain amount of time for each question and if you pass it, either give your best answer or skip the question. But in order to make sure you don’t skip on too many questions, practice answering your questions more quickly in your practice sessions.

5. Train Your Mind

Logical Reasoning is a mental process and needs the mind to be at its sharpest. Activities such as solving Sudoku, crosswords, playing chess, eating well, sleeping well and exercise are some of the activities which help in sharpening the mind. Make sure that you use your brain to solve more logical situations in real life, only then will your mind sharpen. Our brain is a use it or loose it machine, the more you use a certain part of your brain, the sharper it gets.


Logical reasoning may seem the most alien of all when attempting these entrance exams. Schools usually don’t teach it after all (for shame). But it is mostly based on our own ability to solve problems in real life logically. And the more you do that, the better you get at it. So, practice and learn from real life,  and not only will that improve your chances of acing those entrance exams, but also improve the quality of your life.

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